Dan at 71! Part 6

I am a front-running, fair weather fan of the first order.  For 17 years I have been riding high with the Tom Brady New England Patriots.  When they turn mediocre (and Tommy’s looking less terrific of late), I will drop them like a bad habit.  I have no shame.

71 lexulous

My favorite team of late is the UConn women’s basketball team that has won eleven national championships, a gazillion games while losing almost none.  I came to love them when I taught at Eastern Connecticut State, eight miles from the UConn campus in Storrs, during the Diana Taurasi years. Once Coach Geno Auriemma retires (he’s 64), things are not looking too good for them or me.

My online game of choice is Lexulous (a variation of Scrabble with eight tiles, not seven, for a greater chance of bingos (i.e. seven letter bonus words).  Thank you, Molly, Bill, and Clarissa.

71 carpenters 2

I love this thought on worrying.  Love is not the same as worry.  Worry blankets your loved ones with your fears.  You are imagining the worst for them.  Love holds a vision of what’s best for them.

Karen Carpenter sings like a songbird.

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