Dan at 71! Part 5

71 ecsu

I ended my career in education with my dream job.  As a university professor in Education Departments (Eastern Connecticut State and the University of New England), I got to advise, mentor, and experientially teach (i.e. by giving my students experiences similar to what they would do as teachers).

It turned out to be a very good job but not without its challenges.  Teaching at the university didn’t have the “team” feel I was looking for.  We profs were all independent contractors who had to be sure we published, not perished and had excellent student evaluations.

71 une

My favorite observation from my years at the university.  What’s the difference between a terrorist and a tenured professor?   You can negotiate with a terrorist.

That said, being a prof saved me.  After 20+ years as a classroom teacher in public schools, at the age of 48 I didn’t have the energy or the “want to” to keep up with the demands of middle school students.  Teaching middle schoolers is a young person’s game.

My best job?  At least in the top five was being an instructor in the Summer Writing Program at the University of New Hampshire in 1996 and 1997.  Thank you, Tom Newkirk, for trusting in me.

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