Dan at 71! Part 4

Where have electric tooth brushes been all my life!  I have spent a lifetime of carelessly brushing, for at most thirty seconds.  That has all changed with the Oral B electric tooth brush!  It’s two minutes each morning and each evening.  A full two minutes!  Run, don’t walk to get a $37 electric tooth brush.

71 water flosser

And let me suggest a Water Pik water flosser.  You wouldn’t believe all the crap in my mouth, bits and shreds of food, that this baby washes out.  I am literally a new man!

Meditating is the best.  Fifteen minutes each morning.   I know, I know that I’m retired, but do I ever wish I had made time to meditate regularly.  We meditate within an hour of getting up.  Relaxed and mellow, I’m ready for the day.  By the way, and this can’t surprise you, Hannah and I were into Transcendental Meditation by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1970s.

71 17000

When I meditate, I am not concentrating hard; I let my mind wander and bring it back by focusing on my breath, in and out.

On January 16, 2019, Hannah and I will have been married 17,000 days.  Whoa.

4 thoughts on “Dan at 71! Part 4

  1. Thanks for this blog. Have been using both the Water Pik Flosser and electric toothbrush for several years. Really good products. Meditation is important, and I need to work on perfecting this.



    • Perhaps, life changing is overstating things, but the electric tooth brush and flosser are definitely cool. I love how my mouth feels after using them. As for meditation, I can be a slacker. All of us live our priorities, whether our actions are intentional or not. I like me and my day better when I meditate.

  2. Did you calculate those many days of marriage ? Actually I guess you prob. Used a machine of some sort…..well done anyway !!

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