Dan at 71! Part 3

71 ASU

Twice my mom and dad took my sibs and me cross-country as kids.  I learned that the world beyond Fair Lawn, NJ was not to be feared, indeed held such potential for adventure.  Their quiet assent when I wanted to transfer from the College of Wooster in Ohio to the Wild West (i.e. Arizona State University) as a college junior changed my life.  That decision to transfer was the ton of bricks on my head that made me realize that I could choose to do really cool things with my life.

As my parents did, Hannah and I sit each evening with a glass of wine, either in warm weather on our front deck or in cold by our fireplace.  Of late, my wine of choice is a Robert Mondavi cabernet sauvignon aged in bourbon barrels.

This saying has evolved my thinking about challenges, issues, and problems one hundred eighty degrees!  A full 180!  I don’t have to do things, I get to do them.   For example, when we traveled west for my 70th birthday trip in September of 2017, we ran into snow in the Sierras that blocked the mountain pass to Lake Tahoe where we were to hike and play pickleball.  I could look at the situation as something to be bummed that I have to deal with OR (drum roll!) I can see it as something I get to deal with.  Life, shit, and snow happens.  It’s a fact.  That reality is not going to change.  Why not see this change in plans as an opportunity for a new adventure rather than feeling sorry for myself because our original plans fell through?

The state of Maine slogan is The way life should be.   That’s all well and good from April through October, but…  I am not a fan of the soul-draining cold and standard time dark of November through March.  The King and Queen of desperately cold months (January and February) punishes me with cabin fever isolation, piles of snow, and roads of iciness.  Ergo, we escape to coastal southern California which allows us to be active outdoors in ways we can’t in Maine.

My favorite knock knock joke.  Knock knock.  Who’s there?  To.   To who?  Actually, it’s to whom.

5 thoughts on “Dan at 71! Part 3

  1. Dan, love your philosophy. My James use to say, “I get to go to work” instead of “I have to go to work”. Attitude and perspective makes all the difference. Love to you and Hannah from Alabama!

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