Dan at 71! Part 2

As a one-time public school teacher and university prof of the language arts, I thought my primary responsibility was not merely to teach my students to write, read, and speak; it was to give them hope.  When teaching seventh graders back in the day, I wasn’t preparing them for eighth grade.  I was preparing them for life.

71 tempe to york

Here’s one of the ten best things Hannah and I have ever done.  In the dead of winter of 1982, we moved with our two daughters (Robyn four months and Molly a little over two) sight unseen to New England without a job, without a place to live, but with the belief that a small town in New England was where we wanted to be a family.   We landed in York, Maine at the end of the rainbow.

71 grandsons

Brooks (5 months), Owen (6), and Max (4)

Do it now.  My good health is not guaranteed.  At some point, Hannah and I won’t be able to travel or pickle with friends.  Ergo, I dig every hike on the trail, every third shot drop on the pickleball court, wintering in California, and being a part of our kids’ and grandsons’ lives.

Most mornings, I stretch for thirty minutes, meditate for fifteen more, and end with fifteen minutes of journaling.  I’ve grown to love all three.

I recommend stem cells for aching knees.  Nineteen months ago, I had injections in both knees.  Now my knees don’t creak, and I move around the pickleball court like a sixty-year-old Roger Federer-wannabe.

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