Dan and an Idea for your Consideration

These are crazy times.  There is an election in the fall that needs everyone’s attention.

So the preamble to my idea for you begins out West.

Neb peace on earth 2

When Hannah and I travel cross country, we look for Unity services for our spiritual good health and well-being.  At the end of every service, be it in Salem, OR, Santa Barbara, CA, or Las Vegas, NV, the service ends with the Peace song.  Let there be peace on each, and let it begin with me.

Just a little reminder that it is up to each of us to do what we say we want done.

Now for my brief thesis that comes from the Heartland, America’s Bread Basket.

Neb map

We have a dear friend from Virginia, Amelia.  Amelia has a childhood friend, Rita, who is the mayor of a good size city in Nebraska; and Rita has an idea to inspire us all that goes beyond anger and frustration on Facebook or Instagram or tweeting our deepest held beliefs on Twitter.  It comes from her solution-oriented approach to governance.

She uses Friday mornings to meet with her constituents and address their concerns.    They must come with the answers to three questions for their fifteen minute meeting with her.  (1) What is your concern/problem?  (2) What is a possible solution? and (3) (And now for the big finish!)  What will you do to be a part of the solution?

As the elections of 2018 approach, we all need to stop the hand-wringing and be a part of the solution, not standing on the sidelines casting the other side as the devil.  Perhaps, it’s time to complete the journey prayer began.  It’s time to act.

13 thoughts on “Dan and an Idea for your Consideration

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these questions, Dan. I like the emphasis on individual responsibility and action. It’s often much easier to wring my hands and absolve myself of any responsibility, than to pinpoint discrete problems and possible solutions and then consider what I can do to effect change. These questions are powerful beyond the political realm. I think I will include them in my classroom this year!

  2. I am writing weekly letters to four US Senators, two in particular. Since the current “administration “ creates a calamity a day, I often send 2-3 letters a week to at least two of the senators.

  3. OMG Dan, this is beautiful! Is there I way I can re-post this on my FaceBook Page? If someone has a problem with this simple message, then they are beyond capable of being a part of a civil conversation and listen, share, and accept – – – even rejoice – – – in our differences. So many of my friends and acquaintances are like that. I just don’t know how to communicate when the other party is so defensive they are incapable of listening. We are most definitely living in some crazy times. Thank you for being involved and a part of the solution. What was it my Dad said in his book? And maybe it was even a quote from someone else, but it goes something like this: All it takes for evil to overtake the world is for enough good men to do nothing.

    Namaste –

    Your friend from Y to Y – Laurie Lee

  4. Never mind, Dan. I found the Facebook link and just shared it. I rarely have the courage to speak out on my FB page for a gazillion excuses that didn’t seem to matter when I read your post. If someone wants to make a nasty remark, I promise not to let it make my blood boil, and I will just sing the beautiful song you referenced at the beginning of your blog. ❤️

  5. Lastly – you think your election in Maine is huge – – – – we now have Brian Hemp against black female Stacey Abrams in November for our Governor in Georgia. “Far Right wing” vs “progressive”. In his advertisements, he carries a shotgun and offers to carry immigrants in his pick-up truck across the border back to Mexico. I wish I was kidding. Hatred vs someone focused on solutions. Black vs White. It’s seriously going to be one of the nastiest campaigns we’ve ever seen, and unfortunately divide people rather than bring us together. Feels kind of like the 2016 presidential election! Luckily she is a very bright, articulate, no-nonsense, common sense, tough woman who I think is up for the task. I am not looking forward to it, though. It feels sort of like we have degressed to the early 1960’s, doesn’t it?

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