Dan and Hannah Welcome Brooks to the World

Seven days before the due date of June 28, Laurel posted these pictures.

baby laurel at 39


baby a watermelon

With five days til Will and Laurel’s due date (this past Saturday), we like that they have gone on “old school” and don’t know the gender of their new child.

Our three “old school” kids were all over the board when they decided it was showtime.  Born August 5, Molly was three days early.  Robyn was thirteen days late on September 7 and actually born on Labor Day.  Will was three days late on October 12.  Using higher mathematics by squaring the hypotenuse and dividing by the tangent, I came up with the calculation that their baby will come on our 46th anniversary – July 1.

Somehow my math didn’t quite an add up!  My bad.

For later that Saturday afternoon, we get a text that Laurel’s water has broken.  Below, the new parents are ready and waiting at the hospital.

baby w and l at hopital

Throughout  the night the baby wasn’t quite ready to make an appearance.  After a long night that rolled into Sunday morning, Brooks Archer Rothermel came into this world on June 24, 2018 at 8# 2 oz, 20.5″.  (Archer is my mother’s maiden name and my middle name.)

baby laurel with brooks on chest


baby brooks on will's chest


baby brooks alone info




baby will and brooks

baby brooks day 2


baby day 3

We are top of the world!

13 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Welcome Brooks to the World

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Happy for EVERYBODY, but man-o-man has that baby been born into one awesome family! He is so lucky. There will be no lack of love that is for certain. Congratulations to all.

  2. Hey Guys, So glad baby has arrived & all are doing well. Your note doesn’t specify gender, but I see an M on one page above baby’s head in one pic. Anyway, good health is what’s important for baby & mum, but we’ll assume a boy has joined us all in the outside world, with all best wishes as he starts his particular adventure. All the best, John, Judy & Amelia ❤️

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  3. Ok, I googled the name & find it is the masculine form, & I noted the blue in the knitted cap, so no need to clarify. Congratulations! ❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Great news. He looks healthy. He won the baby lottery being born into the Rothermel family. Congratulations to Will, Laurel Omi and Papa!

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