Dan and Hannah – Images of Carpinteria, California

After loving the month of February in the Santa Barbara area, Hannah and I offer you images in four parts from our stay.

Part One – We had trails at the University of California (Santa Barbara), Jesusita Trail in Santa Barbara, and the Nojoqui Falls near Solvang.

GB 3C even more pacific cliffs

Pacific Bluffs near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus


Jes 1C H with book

Hannah on the Jesusita Trail with our trusty Santa Barbara hiking guidebook

Sol 2C H at falls

Hannah at the Nojoqui Falls


Part Two – We had our pickleball in Ventura and Santa Barbara

BA 1 PB group shot

The women, men, and kids of Ventura Pickleball


PB H at net

Hannah ready to pounce on a short ball on the courts at Santa Barbara



Part Three – The walks along the Pacific Ocean

BA 3C D and H on pier


Carp 4C harbor seal rookery

Harbor Seals at Carpinteria Beach


Carp 4 sunset

Carpinteria at sunset


HS 4A pier into sun

Early morning at Carpinteria Beach


Sol 4C blue heron

Blue heron at Arroyo Burro Beach, Santa Barbara


Sol 3C beach below cliffs

Arroyo Burro Beach from the Douglas Preserve


Carp 4B another sunset

Carpinteria State Park


GB 2B H with warning sign

Surfers Beach at University of California, Santa Barbara


Part Four – But truly the best part were the Californians we met

Nancy Rose

Nancy Rose, our friend from Unity of Santa Barbara, and Hannah


BA 1B 4 eating fish tacos at snapper jack's

Bruce and Anneli with Hannah and Dan lunching al fresco on fish tacos at Snapper Jack’s Taco Shack in Ventura


Kim Drain

Hannah with our neighbor Kim, before heading into the Alcazar Theatre


Chinese 2A we four at Bonnie Lu's

Dan and Hannah with our pickleball compadres, Lynn and Mark, over lunch at Bonnie Lu’s in Ojai, just before our Chinese foot massages


Roz five of us with sweatshirt

Together for a mini-reunion with Dan, Gerry, Roz, Linda, and Paul, Class of 1966 Fair Lawn (New Jersey) High School


Unity of SB

Rev. Larry Schellink at Unity of Santa Barbara


Carp 5A Summerland Beach Cafe

Celebrating Hannah’s 70th birthday at the Summerland Beach Cafe with Nancy Rose and Duncan


Carpinteria has become a home-away-from-home.


8 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah – Images of Carpinteria, California

  1. The Light and Happiness you exude is amazing. Such wonderful energy and delight in the people you meet and the connection you have with each other. Blessed to know you !Love Mandy

  2. What a great photo journey! I’m so happy that you’ve found such joy and made so many rewarding connections in your home-away-from-home. Ditto what Mandy said!

  3. Duncan and I agree-the light and happiness you two exude is such a gift to everyone who knows you. We count ourselves blessed to be two who met you on your journey out West. Can’t wait ’til you come back! xxoo

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