Dan and Hannah and Sharing Our Good Fortune (Part Deux)

Molly July

Re: treating another

The day before we are to meet at the golf course, I email Molly and say, I want to treat you to golf and breakfast tomorrow.  And then I add, Sometime down the road, consider paying it forward when you happen to be out with someone else.

How cool is that!  Oui?

So, what do you think?  What do you do in these situations?  Post your comments beneath the blog or let’s talk more on this subject the next time we get together.

10 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah and Sharing Our Good Fortune (Part Deux)

  1. Dan,
    Sherry and I were the recipients of a play it forward situation. We were having lunch in the Black Bean in Sumersworth, N.H. and someone paid for our lunch. The waitress said,”Your bill has been taken care of and the person who paid only asks that you pay it forward!” We were overwhelmed with gradatude and felt very blessed! We tried to figure out who did this surprising gesture but could not. Needless to say we left a very good tip for the waitress! And have sense paid it forward!

  2. The perfect balance here is to let someone treat you to golf and then beat them. Their self esteem is in tact because they paid. You leave the course with a heavy wallet and a big W! Everybody wins!

    I enjoyed this post. I am ALWAYS in this situation at work when I do a job for a friend. They are addament about paying but I just want to help them out. A few times I have even got the feeling they are insulted.. as if I don’t think they have enough money to pay the bill. When nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a tough sitaition for sure. Sorting it out ahead of time is definitely a good tactic.

    • As a fellow #1 son, does my comment about first children apply to you? it does to me and our grandson, but obviously not to everyone. thanks for your thoughts. giving is not as simple as it seems. of course, having a generous heart is a key to happiness.

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