Dan Loses His Mind While his World is Shaken, Rattled, and Rolled  (Part 1 of 6)

I literally mean, I lost my mind.  I lost the Big Three – I couldn’t speak; I couldn’t remember; I couldn’t think.  Let’s make it four – I couldn’t read.   There is a diagnosis, but it certainly sounds like something that happened to me 15 years ago in Connecticut.   More on that later.

CR 1 H by river

Hannah three weeks before in Utah

It’s Tuesday afternoon this late June at home with Hannah and our grandsons Owen and Max when all hell breaks loose.  I don’t remember a thing.  I am speaking gibberish such that Hannah doesn’t recognize me.  She calls friends for help and says, Dan is acting weird.  Our preschool grandsons look quizzically at me when I can’t remember their names.  I am speaking but the words are not making any sense.

Calling our local friend Corky, Hannah explains my incoherence, babbling, and confusion.  To which, Corky replies that there is no time to waste.  You have a small window in which to get something done if it turns out it’s a vascular event (i.e. involving a blood clot).

If I am having a stroke, time is of the essence.  Medical professionals will have a three-hour window to determine if I need the necessary medication to dissolve a blood clot.  Corky follows up with, Don’t call 911; take him directly to the hospital, which for us is York Hospital three miles in town.

YH ER entrance

Entrance to the ER at York Hospital

Hannah has seen enough and so packs the boys and me in the car.  On the drive in, she remembers me wondering why I need to go to the hospital.  I am Clueless with a capital C.   Fortunately, she just smiles and keeps driving down York Street.  Nothing registers in my mind and I have no memory of the trip to the ER.


CAT scan

So, let’s recap what Hannah is dealing with as I enter the emergency room of York Hospital: I don’t know what is happening to me; I am very confused, I have lost my memory (amnesia), I can’t speak sensibly (aphasia), and I didn’t know where I am.  I am a scary package of incoherence and technically-speaking – I am out of my mind.



Once in the ER, they aren’t messing around.  They schedule:

  1. a CAT scan of my brain
  2. an MRI for a more detailed picture of the blood flow in my brain
  3. a chest x-ray
  4. a urine test – urinary tract infection?
  5. a urine drug screen

and they also slap on a heart monitor to determine if there is atrial fibrillation

Hmmm, drug screening for Danny Boy?     Part 2 follows Tuesday

21 thoughts on “Dan Loses His Mind While his World is Shaken, Rattled, and Rolled  (Part 1 of 6)

  1. Well, since you’re writing this, I have to assume that things have settled down and you’re doing ok. Thank goodness! But…Yikes! Scary, scary stuff! You can be sure I’ll be tuning in on Tuesday for the next installment. Thinking of you both!!

  2. Very upsetting to hear of this, on behalf of you both. Reassured by the fact that you are blogging with you usual voice. All the best, John & all

  3. Sounds like what I had, complete with the screening. The difference is that I was able to speak, even though I kept repeating the same thing.

  4. We are not happy to have to learn about this from one of your blogs! I agree with Penny – – that’s mean! Love you both, sorry it happened. The ending BETTER be good! 🙏. From Yonah to York

  5. Thinking of you and Hannah
    during this Crazy time – glad you are able to continue writing – sending healing thoughts – 🙂

  6. Dan as you work those machines at Coastal one would never imagine the experience you had been through just weeks ago! So grateful for Hannah’s quick response and amazing grace as she guided you safely to recovery in the ER at York hospital! You both showed such courage through a tough confusing ordeal. Here’s to your strength and best health. Love you both ! M and O were troopers too!

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