Dan Updates the Recent Wedding Present and Gratitude Blogs

My two recent blogs of “Wedding Present Giving” and “My Gratitudes for 2016” prompted a number of brief responses.  They are so good that I bring them to you for your perusal.


Our niece Tara on her recent wedding day with her dad Glenn

Re: Wedding present blog – After a friend read this blog, she related an experience that I hadn’t thought of.  She allowed me to post her response.

Also a dear college roommate of my mom’s writes of my mom and dad’s wedding back in 1945.

If you would like to read these additions to that blog click on this link https://over60hiker.wordpress.com/2016/12/24/dan-and-hannah-and-the-21st-century-wedding-present/


Re: Gratitude blog.  A fellow blogger took up my challenge to her to write her own gratitudes.  She surprised me with her insights.  Have you ever considered your hands and your doubts as gratitudes?   She does, and there’s more.   It’s worth the read.   Click on this link for her blog  https://countdown2coloradotrail.wordpress.com/2016/12/30/list-of-gratitudes/


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