Dan and Hannah and Her Spasmodic Dysphonia Part 9

It’s been three weeks since we returned from Connie Pike’s Voice Rehabilitation Clinic in  Apollo Beach, Florida.   Here is Hannah in her own words:
….since we left Florida I’ve (re)discovered ed a few things.
1. Progress/rehab is a slow, steady process….just like ANY rehab.(I remember with my broken leg four years back.) It does not happen overnight, over the weekend, or even in a month’s time. Baby steps. “Patient, gentle persistence,” as my sister said on the phone the other day.  It helps if I remember all of the above when I might be wishing for “grander” progress in such a relatively short time.
2.  I’ve been trying to spread my “practice” throughout the day….always try to start the day with 15-20 minutes of whatever (word lists read while balancing on the ball, stretching, breathing, etc.) Connie reminded me that little bits throughout the day are more effective than one or two bigger sessions.  Makes sense to me. Besides, sometimes the “exploration” can be a bit exhausting.
3. I find I do a lot of humming of songs in the car.  Kazooing too.  It’s a good use of my time in the car (though I do miss listening to my CDs and NPR!)
4. On the way home from FL, I listened to a commencement address by Susan Sandberg (Stanford.) Something she said in it was very helpful to me.
Her husband Dave had died a year prior.  She was confiding to a friend that “she just wanted Dave.”   Her friend reminded her that that option (Plan A) was no longer available. And, that same friend suggested, “Why don’t we just kick the sh*t (sorry!) out of Plan B?”  
I  found myself thinking that my “former voice” was Plan A. I think of this new path I’m on with my voice as “Plan B.”  And, I do plan to do just what Susan’s friend suggested…
         Hoping your plan, whatever it is, and however you are implementing it, is taking you good places – places you may never have otherwise gone before.  love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah and Her Spasmodic Dysphonia Part 9

  1. Gentle Hannah,
    It seems to me that youpersonifybthenthenkindmof patience and persistence to hold on as you walk this path. God bless you.

  2. You rock girl friend. Hang in there. You are so smart, I think, to go for this the way you are. As the guy says. “The perfect practice makes perfect”.

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