Dan and Hannah and Her Spasmodic Dysphonia  Part 5


Call me prudent.  Call me cautious.  Call us fortunate.  You be the judge.

Today Hannah and I wake to our iPhone alarms at 4A and are out of the house by 5A for our 955A Jet Blue nonstop flight from Boston’s Logan Airport to Tampa.  We are heading south for Hannah to participate in a five-day intensive voice rehabilitation clinic.  Why leave so early, you may be thinking.   The answers are four.

  1. Traffic to Logan from 5A to 6A is flowing while traffic from 6A to 7A on Route One will be snarled in Danvers, Saugus, and Revere.
  2. Lately there have been a million TSA warnings about the delays at baggage inspection.   Get to the airport three hours early, we are warned.
  3. We park our car with Park, Ride, and Fly USA and must wait for the shuttle to take us to Logan three miles away.
  4. We can wait at the airport just as easily as at home with time for a leisurely Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and a muffin.

Pike D and H and DD selfie

Speaking of Dunkin’ Donut coffee, we raised our “cool” factor from 0 to 0.5 by walking through the airport strutting our stuff while hold our DD coffees.

As we get through the baggage check in at 650A (it took ten minutes tops!), Hannah notices that there is another non-stop Jet Blue flight to Tampa at 759A, two hours before our scheduled flight.

Approaching the young woman at Gate 19, we learn she wants to know if we checked any bags.  Negatory.  We only do carry on.   She tells us that for no charge we can be put on the standby list for the earlier flight.  Hannah beams and already feels like she’s won the lottery.

Wouldn’t you know, we are called and given separate middle seats in the back of the plane for the earlier flight.  Bonanza.  If we hadn’t come to the airport so early, we wouldn’t be winging our way south to Florida’s west coast at 8A.

Another excellent sign that good things are ahead for Hannah at Connie Pike’s clinic for voice rehabilitation!

Fun facts two.

  1. Tampa is roughly below Wooster, Ohio, longitudinally speaking.  It’s where Hannah and I met as 19 year olds at the College of Wooster.
  2. Due to its relative closeness to the equator, Tampa has one hour and ten minutes less daylight today than York, Maine!


Pike AB map

Arriving two hours early. we drive our Nissan Sentra from Fox Rent a Car south on I-75 to Apollo Beach, where Connie runs her five-day clinic.   Stopping in at her place hoping to introduce ourselves, or at least find the house where Hannah will begin her five-day clinic, we ring the bell.

Pike Connie

Connie Pike

Connie answers the door.  We introduce ourselves and she welcomes us as old friends.  Immediately, I notice that her voice (Connie has had SD) is strong and sweet, with not a hint of SD-ness.  Wow!

More good karma.

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