Dan, Hannah, and Nostradamus

Nostradamus 2

Are you a fan of the 1500s Michel de Nostredame?  Our buddy Nostradamus was a French prognosticator who made over 6000 prophecies.  He has been credited with predicting the rise of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler as well the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.  The bearded one gets a lot of notoriety, but, please, if you make thousands of predictions, a few are going to cross the finish line.

But let’s not quibble, we are still talking about him 500 years later.  Any chance you yourself will be searched in the 2616 edition of Wikipedia?   I’m not ruling it out.  Here’s a way to test your predicative powers and possibly your place in history that is both fun and lucrative.  Did I say lucrative?  Indeed I did.

Han and Nan 2015

Hannah and Nan at the Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine

As Hannah’s mentor during her Health Education Masters Days at Arizona State University, Nan Inskeep has returned to our lives with a flourish.  Her visit last June was one of the highlights of our summer.  She is just so damn interesting and interested in us to boot.  When Nan was here, she wanted to do all the things we do so she could live our lives for a few days.  Eat what we eat, go where go.  How cool is that!  To my everlasting gratitude, she got me to increase the number of scoops of coffee I use when a brew a pot of joe.

New Year

Just a few weeks back, she filled us in on what she and some friends do around the New Year.  And immediately we knew this had Dan and Hannah written all over it.

Here’s the scene.  Nan and a few friends get together over lunch and then go to the movies.   After, they get their Full Nostradamus on and write down five predictions for the coming year.  With their predictions, they each include $10 in an envelope and seal it for 365 days.  The following year when they get together, they read all the predictions and whoever has the most correct predictions wins the money in the envelope.

M and T at VCU

Molly and Tip at Will and Laurel’s pre-wedding dinner at VCU.

We offer this idea to Molly and Tip and they are all in.  We come up with nine categories from which to make our five predictions.  Writing these nine on the top right of our prediction paper, we all agree that we can have more than one prediction in any category to reach a total of five.

Our categories are: (1) self, (2) spouse/partner, (3) immediate family, (4) close friends, (5) work or volunteering, (6) sports or athletic endeavors, (7) events in your town and state, (8) national events, and (9) international events.  There could be more categories and we are open to learn what you might include.

Scoring?  Hannah and I want to reward those betting on a long shot.  So this is our plan for the opening of the envelope in December of 2016.  The first person, say Dan, will read the first of his five predictions.  If it is correct, the other three (Hannah, Molly, and Tip) will agree on how many points from 1 to 10 the prediction warrants.

For example, if I said that I will be hiking in the Northwest this year, which is not much of a leap, I hardly deserve more than a point.  Now if I said, Trump will run, but not win, as an independent and choose a Democrat, say Bernie Sanders, as his running mate, I hope the other three will reward me with a full ten points.

If there is a tie, we have two tie-breaker questions.

Super Bowl 50

The first is the teams in Super Bowl 50 and the score.  The second is predicting the Presidential Race for 2016.


I should say so!

Let us know of how you unleash your inner Nostradamus.



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