Dan and Hannah Have Different Approaches to their Medical Issues (Part 2 of 2)

Hartford HospitalAfter an MRI and CAT scan, the local Windham Hospital ER docs had no answers and believed I needed to go to Connecticut’s top hospital (Hartford Hospital) an hour away; so I was packed off in an ambulance for the state capital.  While in the ambulance, the fog began to lift. I started talking to the EMT in the back of the ambulance and remembering the names of my Eastern colleagues.  I could focus on words posted inside the ambulance and could read again.

By midnight, the ER docs at Hartford Hospital sent me home saying they weren’t sure what was going on, but I should check in with a neurologist back in Maine.  There, after examining me, Dr. Brown had no answers; he told me that he had seen 10,000 patients and none had symptoms similar to mine.  Feeling fine by Sunday, I returned to teaching the following day in Connecticut.  Over these last 13 years, nothing like that has happened again.

Fast forward to this past week.  In his thoroughness and much to my gratitude, Dr. Thaler takes the time to listen to my story of my “health episode.”  He is just as puzzled about my current condition as Dr. Brown was back in the day.

While checking my vital signs however, Dr. Thaler does find that I have a heart murmur.  Son of a gun.  On a six point scale of heart murmurs, I am between a one and a two.  In the days prior to my visit with Dr. Thaler, I felt great having climbed Moxie Bald in Maine and worked out daily at the gym.  Good catch, Dr. T.

carotid arteryEven though he doesn’t find any explanation for what I was feeling in my neck, he does set up a carotid ultrasound at York Hospital, which I am having tomorrow morning; next week I will have an echocardiogram.  Stay tuned.

Hannah has been very successful with her approach to medical care.  My approach works for me.  Chacun a son gout.  Each to his own.  And a big shout out to Dr. Thaler who found the heart murmur that could have gone undetected for quite some time.


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