Dan Has Another Good Book for You – The End of Your Life Book Club (#4)

Hannah recommends a book to me that she just love, love, loves – The End of Your Life Book Club.  During the last years of his mom’s life, Will Schwalbe and his mother Mary Anne, who is undergoing treatments for pancreatic cancer, read the same books and then they talked about them.

End of Your Life Book Afghan Library Mary Anne spent a lifetime of helping refugees throughout the world.  When she gets some good news that the chemotherapy has reduced the size of her tumors, she says to her son Will, If Afghanistan doesn’t have books, the people there don’t have much of chance. So that’s my New Year’s resolution. I’m going to get this library built.

Will’s response was Are you sure you feel up for that?

That pushes my buttons.  Clearly his response is from a place of deep love. But where is his trust that she knows what she needs or what she can do? Why not celebrate what she wants to do?

Are our interactions and responses too often dominated by our caution rather than our encouragement?

To Will’s response, his Mom frowned and simply said, If I’m not. I’ll stop.

Let’s marry trust to love.

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