Dan Learns ABC News Got the Same Vacation Offer!

The very same voucher that ABC received!

The very same voucher that ABC received!

Last night I was flipping between Sports Center and the Cowboys crushing the Indianapolis Colts, when I stumbled on ABC World News Tonight segment titled “ABC News. We Decided To Follow A ‘Free Vacation’ Mail Offer.”

Sounded familiar.  In fact the vouchers are the same ones we received and I wrote about in Saturday’s blog.

Click on this link below to see the ABC News report.


The opening text from the ABC News report:

Vacation clubs and timeshare companies are popular all over the country.

So when “Nightline” was contacted by a company promising two free airline tickets and a free hotel stay, we set out on a mission to track the anatomy of a “free vacation” runaround.

It all started when “Nightline’s” executive producer received a letter in the mail congratulating him on a free dream vacation, which included a two-night stay at any Marriott Hotel location. But when we Googled the phone number that the letter says to call to set up the trip, our search returned dozens of complaints from people who had received a similar letter.

“The problem is a lot of folks get taken in to believing something can be done simply, that they’re going to get a great deal and not understanding whenever you’re looking at timeshares or travel clubs, these are very serious real estate transactions,” said New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, speaking generally about the industry.

ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis and two ABC News producers called the number and scheduled an appointment with the mystery company to try to claim the free trip. The person on the phone told us we needed to attend a 90-minute presentation and we would have to pay the taxes and luggage fees the airlines charges for the airline tickets, but otherwise, we were told the vacation was free.


One thought on “Dan Learns ABC News Got the Same Vacation Offer!

  1. Dan, I saw that ABC report last night, and thought of you! Living in Fla., where so many timeshares are sold, and so many scams seem to abound — makes me very wary whenever I get a “pitch” for something “free.” I guess it’s true — “there is no free lunch!” (as Fred used to say…)

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