Dan and Hannah – Halloween 2014

I was never much of a fan of dressing up for Halloween. At Halloween time, I was kind of a killjoy as a school teacher when I taught at Nevitt Elementary in Phoenix, AZ.  I never dressed up when the rest of the faculty got into it.

Halloween Unity

So it is no surprise that when the Revs Maryanne and Phil of Unity mention that the service before Halloween will be dress up, I decide, That’s fine. I’ll just skip that service.

And then providence in the form of Hannah steps in.  Gently, she says, I have a priest costume that you can wear, and I’ll go as a nun.  Her softness works.  Intimate and cozy, the Unity service typically draws 20 to 25 people each week.  It’s not like I’ll be in costume in front of hundreds.

Sister Dor May Voo and Father Frere Jacques

Sister Dor May Voo and Father Frere Jacques

Without the typical introvert’s nervousness, I come to the Unity service in the Lower Mill in Rollinsford, NH dressed as a priest, Frere Jacques.  Hannah is a nun, Dor May Voo.

Right off I notice the wide smiles.  I relax and feel acknowledged and appreciated; perhaps because I took the time to participate, to be part of the group.  I took the chance to be playful and silly in this community Hannah and I are just becoming a part of.  Truth be told, I was also channeling my inner Woody Allen, when he said, 90% of life is just showing up.

Halloween old dog

No surprise that by risking and being vulnerable, I feel more a part of the group; I feel like I belong. A oneness. Who would have thought stepping out of my comfort zone would feel so good?

So you lovers of canines, it’s never too late to teach this old dog new tricks.

2 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah – Halloween 2014

  1. Good for you to participate, Dan. I loved the quotes at the beginning, especially the one about the teacher and Halloween on Wednesday!

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