Dan and Hannah Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Nominated by our son Will and son-in-law Tip, I took on the Ice Bucket Challenge to support the fundraising to find a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  No shrinking violet herself, Hannah joined in on the fun.

We are extending the Ice Bucket Challenge to all who read my blog.  Get yourself a bucket full of water and ice, find a trusty friend with a smart phone, and take the challenge.

The key is donating $10 at http://www.alsa.org if you take the challenge or  donate $100 if you decide not to take the challenge.  As of two days ago, the ALS Association has received $13,300,000 in donations since July 29.  In a comparable period last year, they received $1,700,000.

Email us the video once you are done.

You have 24 hours!



By the way, Kent, Donna, and Eileen have all embraced the challenge.  Hannah and I want to get 33 more people to take the challenge and donate.  Why 33?  Owen was born on the 23rd (of July) and Max on the 10th (of May).  Ergo 23+10=33.  We will count all the people you get to take the challenge, too.  If you have done it already, let us know and we’ll add that to our total.  Kind of a positive pyramid scheme.


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