Owen’s New Sibling Baby Pool by Molly and Tip

Owen Daniel Rawding’s little sister (my guess) or little brother is due in five weeks (May 2nd – My mother’s birthday!).  

Owen and his Omi

Owen and his Omi

After two rounds we can report the Top Ten and a few selected others.

1. Theresa Wills (Virginia)

2. Ann Jacob (Virginia)

2. George Ellis (Maine – skiing buddy of Dan and Hannah’s)

2. Karl Mink (New York – our nephew on the Kraai side)

5. Adrienne (Virginia)

5. Ann Fox (New Hampshire – Ann and I taught together in Kittery, Maine)

5. Linda Phelps (Florida – Hannah’s little sister from the College of Wooster, Ohio)

8. Deb Howe (Maine – CHAMP OF THE FIRST BABY POOL!)  She was the only one who predicted Owen!

8. Erik Maly (New Hampshire)

8. Laurel Crane (Virginia by way of Falmouth, MA)


Molly and OwenOther family members knocking on the door and one who has a long way to go.

11. Will Rothermel

14. Dan Rothermel (the dark horse, odds on favorite)

14. Robyn Rothermel

44. Hannah Rothermel


These are the Sweet Sixteen names still in the running (8 girls and 8 boys) in alphabetical order

Girls                                                                  Boys

 1. Caroline                                                     1. Andrew

2. Charlotte                                                  2. Caleb

3. Julia                                                             3. Carter

4. Morgan                                                      4. Isaac

5. Natalie                                                        5. Malcolm

6. Rachel                                                         6. Max

7. Rebecca                                                     7. Nathan

8. Sydney                                                       8. Zachary


One thought on “Owen’s New Sibling Baby Pool by Molly and Tip

  1. I am very excited to be in the “Top Ten”! I didn’t participate in the 1st baby pool,
    so this has been extra fun for me! Only 5 weeks to go…sending blessings to
    Molly and Tip, during these final weeks of preparation for dear Owen’s little
    brother or sister.

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