Dan’s Day 19 of 29 Gifts – Maine Diner in Wells, Maine

Day 19 Maine Diner front

Stick with me on this gift.  I tried to sell it to you before. Of late I have been wondering about my religious beliefs.  I believe in God, but not in a conventional way.  I believe the Quaker conviction that there is a little God in each of us.  I mean, we are all made in God’s image, right?  I believe God is LoveGod is Good.  When I go out and see some kindness from one person to another, that’s when I see the face of God.

Day 19 Meatloaf

My gift is to include my friend George (to-the-North) as I wonder and think about my spiritual journey.  We sit in a booth at the Maine Diner this morning of friendship to listen and talk.  I wonder if being a “Meatloaf” Christian is enough to be a church member in good standing.  (We all remember that Meatloaf song that two out of three ain’t bad.)

Day 19 Peace and Love

I believe in God.  I believe the goodness within me is the stirring of the Holy Spirit.  Here’s the rub.   I think of Jesus as a prophet.  Son of God?  I need to explore that idea more as I continue on my faith journey.  Over eggs and home fries, I have a friend like George who doesn’t judge.  He is a safe place where I can wonder all I want.  So you tell me, is it a gift to include a friend to ponder the questions of the universe?

One thought on “Dan’s Day 19 of 29 Gifts – Maine Diner in Wells, Maine

  1. Dan,
    It is normal to question that which is beyond our ability to understand. This is why we have Faith. Blind Faith!! I too have questions and this is why I go to Church — to get my battery recharged for another week. I have always had the belief that when one looks at all the unexplained wonders of this world and beyond there must be something omnipotent which has created everything. This is what grounds me and keeps me sane!!!


    PS A glass of wine at 5:00pm also helps!!!

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