Dan’s Day 18 of 29 Gifts – Pounding the Mac and Cheese

Day 18 Sturbridge village

Our church has embraced the New England Colonial tradition of welcoming a new pastor by “pounding.”  In colonial times, the pounding tradition had the community fill the larder of the new pastor’s family with provisions in pound sizes: a pound of flour, sugar, salt, or butter.  Our Associate Pastor is coming from the Midwest with young daughters and this is a way for the congregation to set them up with a full kitchen as they begin their lives as Mainers.

Leaf from the pounding "tree"

Leaf from the pounding “tree”

As I enter the parish hall, I notice the “pounding tree.”  Paper leaves of various items hang from a makeshift tree.  I am immediately drawn to the “Mac and cheese.”  What kids wouldn’t love that!  I bet we can get a serious box of mac and cheese for the family.

Day 18 Mac and Cheese

We can all be generous individually.  What a church can do is geometrically increase the giving.  This December our young family’s kitchen will be filled with a month’s worth of love.

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