Dan’s Day 17 of 29 Gifts – Late at York Hospital

Day 17 York Golf Club

One of the gifts Hannah and I give ourselves is having our sister-in-law Becky down to our place on Chases Pond Road for an overnight.  This afternoon with Becky, we walk the perimeter of the golf course at York Golf and Tennis Club, absent of golfers, on a 50 degree November day.  Then we have a fire at our fire pit outside with chips, salsa, and wine.  We move inside for Hannah’s soup, biscuits, and Becky’s salad.   Conversation flows with Becky as we talk about kids and what was helpful for her during the first year after her husband Doug (Hannah’s brother) died.  It’s real and we’re connected.  And then Hannah gets a call.

Becky and Hannah

Becky and Hannah

Hannah’s friend Chris is in York Hospital.  This morning we had dropped off Hannah’s soup and biscuits for her and her husband.  Now we know why no one answered the door when we knocked.   As we talk over dinner, I’m thinking I bet Hannah would like to go tonight to see Chris, but she doesn’t want to interrupt our time with Becky.  Becky only comes to York for an overnight every other month.  But then it’s clear what my gift is today.

Day 7 YH outside sign

Han, what if we just ride into town (not three miles away) and just check in on Chris.  I offer Hannah the gift of her not having to be the one to ask to see her friend.  Becky is a great sport and embraces the possibility and off we are to town.  We three get to fill Chris’s hospital room before bedtime and bring a little joy to her evening and ours.


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