Dan and Hannah Take on a Maine Snowstorm (Hercules)

Hannah with shovel

With a storm brewing and snow lightly falling, Hannah and I leave our house just once all day to shovel two inches of light feathery, powdery snow off our driveway.  A 24 hour nor’easter has begun and we decide to stay off the roads for the duration.  Our good friend George from Kittery is our one and only visitor.  He comes for one of Hannah’s haircuts and to play ping pong with me as we usually do every Thursday.

By bedtime the temperature is zero degrees Fahrenheit and snow is predicted to continue to fall all night and into the following morning. Knowing we have our work cut out for us come morning, we sleep fitfully.  Around 630A under the outside light that illuminates much of the driveway, we begin shoveling in the predawn dark.  It is still zero, but now the wind chill is minus 25 degrees.  After only twelve minutes my fingers are tingling and we return to our warm our bodies and souls at our 162 Chases Pond Road home.

front door

Four more times for roughly 12 to 15 minutes each, Hannah and I go two-on-one to clear our driveway.

Today I have a two part (five minute total) YouTube video about “Living in Maine after a Snowstorm.”  I take you on tour of our property after winter has given us her best shot.


January in Maine after a Snowstorm (part 1)

January in Maine after a Snowstorm (part 2)

3 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Take on a Maine Snowstorm (Hercules)

  1. That’s really quite a lot of shoveling! I want the next video to be of you relaxing with hot chocolate by the fire.

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