Dan’s Day 12 of 29 Gifts – Something Small

Day 12 SI cover new

My first gift today is really quite simple.  It’s the Sports Illustrated with Dave Ortiz of the Red Sox with three first responders from the Boston Marathon Massacre on the cover.  Tomorrow I am going to visit my friends, Jean and Vin, now living in Massachusetts.  As died-in-the-wool Red Sox fans, they watch every game to the bitter end, even the ones that start at 10P on the West Coast.  When Jean goes to a game at Fenway, she follows the dictum that she never leaves before the final out, no matter the score.  My gift for Jean is to finish the Sports Illustrated tonight so she can read the feature article about her beloved Sox.

Day 12 strawberries and bananas

My second gift is to surprise Hannah.   It’s easy to just get caught up in the day-to-day of life and forget the love of my life.  Having 29 Gifts in 29 Days in mind makes me more cognizant of gift giving for Hannah.  You may not know this about Hannah but she likes her bananas green so they don’t ripen too quickly.  I check them off on my “To-do-for-Hannah” list. Strawberries, a treat in November, are added to my cart.

Day 12 wine on sale

Lastly Hannah likes a glass of wine in the evening, but she doesn’t like to spend too much.  She goes for the pounders (1.5 liters) because they are a good deal.   So my gift this morning is to buy the least expensive wine on sale at Hannaford’s Grocery Store.  If she knows it’s a bargain, she will love it even more.  She’s my low maintenance sweetheart.


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