Dan’s Day 11 of 29 Gifts – Morning at Hannaford’s Super Market

Hannah and I lie in bed talking about our day ahead.  It’s after 7A before we are up and moving about on this Sunday morning; typically we breakfast with the Sunday New York Times.  Though today, I’ll be off to church for the 930A service.  Hannah will stay home and so my first gift of the day presents itself.  (Yes, pun intended.)

Day 11 New York Times

It’s more efficient, saves gas, and is environmentally sound if I get the newspaper while I am in town going to church two and half miles from home.  On the other hand, if I do, Hannah will not have it for her breakfast reading or all morning since I am going to stay after the service to participate in the all church meeting to see whether the congregation calls Rachel to be our new Associate Pastor.  With a minimum of fanfare just before 720A, I slip out the back door and drive in town for the Sunday Times.

Day 11 cinnamon bun

While at Hannaford’s I double my gift giving pleasure and get Hannah a sticky gooey cinnamon roll.  Those of you who really know Hannah know she loves her sickly sweet treats.

BTW.  This morning our church unanimously called Rachel to be our Associate Pastor.


One thought on “Dan’s Day 11 of 29 Gifts – Morning at Hannaford’s Super Market

  1. Unanimous! She must be good!
    So different from our church, where, because of Apostolic succession, women
    cannot be ministers or priests. But, they can be Deaconesses!
    The sticky bun sounded good, too. Lucky Hannah…

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