Dan’s Day 7 of 29 Gifts – Rounding at York Hospital

My gift is my usual Wednesday afternoon gift of rounding at York Hospital.  As a rounder, I go around to waiting areas and to the birthing and patient rooms to check in on how we as a hospital are doing taking care of our patients. In the birthing and patient areas I ask, how has your experience been at YH; have you been satisfied with the explanations of your treatment; does the staff check in with you regularly; has nighttime noise been an issue, among other things.  Rounding is a genuine effort to give feedback to the YH leaders to gauge how successfully the hospital is delivering patient care.

Day 7 YH outside sign

Today, I begin at the surgery waiting area and ask my questions to those waiting for a loved one in surgery or special procedures.   My waiting room questions are a little different: do you feel you were updated often enough and given the right information while you were waiting; did you get the opportunity to ask any questions you might have had while you were waiting; was medical information given to you in a discreet manner and private space, among others.  Today, the surgery waiting area has five or six people.  As is often the case, today’s crew of family members is very pleased with their York Hospital experience.  To help pass the time, we also talk about Words With Friends, the Marshwood-York football game, the challenges of teaching, and I learn that one of my former students in now mayor of Somersworth.

Day 7 YH sign

After later going to birthing and patient rooms, I file my paperwork at 3P; now the hospital has useful, current, unfiltered testimonials, often glowing, sometimes not.  They get it all.  Again, my gift is supporting patients who are passing time in a place they often would rather not be.  Often, I just listen.  Thanks in large part to my two immediate supervisors, Roberta and Corky, it’s a two hour slice of home away from home for me.  Win/win.


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