Dan’s Day 5 of 29 Gifts – She’s coming to town

Today my gift happens after the Sunday morning service at church.  First Parish Church is in the process of hiring a new Associate Pastor.  Working for the last six months, the search committee has found a young woman who has risen to the top like fine cream and nominated her for the position.

First Parish Church of York, Maine

First Parish Church of York, Maine

Before Rachel comes next weekend to preach, the search committee has scheduled an information session after today’s service.  It’s challenging to find the right fit for the congregation and for the potential pastor, too.  Rachel writes in her application, I believe that ministry is about cultivating spaces where we can be present to one another and open to the loving presence of the Spirit of God among us.   Nelson Mandela would approve.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

After the Sunday morning service, my gift is to seek out search committee members to thank them individually for their service.  It’s coffee hour and it’s a joy to just go up to people I don’t know and meet and thank them.  Thank them for reading all the applications, interviewing the candidates on the phone and in-person, and finally getting it right in selecting an amazing young woman to be a part of the pastoral team.  I make the effort, but as often happens I am the one who reaps more than I sow.

Day 5  U


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