Dan’s Day 3 of 29 Gifts – The Gift of Friendship

What do you give a good guy?  Guys like things.  Guys like going to a game.  Both excellent.  But I have something else in mind.  Today my gift for Dennis is myself.  Sounds like I might be a little full of myself.  You might think I should step back a bit, deflate that ego of mine, but hear me out.

Day 3 Good guys poster

My gift is to include Dennis in my grappling with this challenge of mine.  I let him know what I need: I need someone to listen and someone who will ask me questions to allow the answers within me to emerge.   I am one who believes that often the answers to our confusions, dilemmas, and wonderings lie within us.  All we often need is someone to listen for an extended period of time; answers soon emerge from within.  Meeting at the York Hospital cafe, Dennis and I play our parts.  I explain; he listens; he’s thoughtful and empathetic.  He allows me to give voice to my dilemma.

Day 3 YH sign

Now you may wonder, isn’t this a case where Dennis gave you a gift and not the other way around?  True enough, he gave me a gift of his time, his interest, and his take on my situation.  By calling “inviting him for conversation” a gift I may be stretching this idea of what is a gift, but I think it works.  I know it would be quite a gift for me if someone specifically sought me out for meaningful conversation.    You tell me, is this a gift?

Day 3 Make a difference poster


2 thoughts on “Dan’s Day 3 of 29 Gifts – The Gift of Friendship

  1. Definitely a Gift. Anytime someone gives of them self and their time it is the most precious gift of all. We all have only so much time and to willingly give to another is what it is all about!!!

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