Dan and Hannah’s Gratitudes

As retired (Dan) and semi-retired (Hannah), we like to travel: Out West and Key West, a few trips to Canada (New Brunswick and PEI), and, of late, as much as we can to Virginia.   Recently our daughter Molly asked us to grandparent Owen during the second weekend in March while she is at a workshop and Tip is working.  Virginia is a mere 80 minutes away on Jet Blue (travelling off hours we get $49 and $59 flights from Boston to Reagan Airport ten minutes from their apartment) or drive 550 miles in nine hours or so by car. 

Escaping the northeast on a Thursday (the day before 20+ inches of March snow fell on that Friday on the roads in Massachusetts and Connecticut, our route from Maine to Virginia), we drive south for a weekend with our nearly eight month old grandson Owen.

Taking a page from my daily morning rituals (stretching and lifting small weights, writing a list of gratitudes, reading my page of affirmations, praying, and meditating), I list my gratitudes from our recent weekend with Owen Daniel Rawding.

He’s healthy.

Owen on his Omi's lap

Owen on his Omi’s lap

His parents love him and each other very much.

Molly and Tip

Molly and Tip

He’s happy and knows how to have fun.



Owen in the tub

He has Aunt Amelia in his life.

Owen and Amelia

Owen and Amelia

He loves peas.

Owen loves peas

Tip feeding Owen

He splashes and wide smiles when bathing.

Owen with rubber ducky

He crawls.

Owen on the floor

We read to Owen each night.

My Grandma is Wonderful

My Grandpa is Amazing

He stands up.

Standing Owen 3.6.13

We can do this all again whenever we want.

Owen in circular chair

Owen with his Daddy

Owen with his Daddy


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