Epilog of 29 Gifts in 29 Days (The takeaway)

So has 29 Gifts in 29 Days changed me?

It has.  I travel through my days looking through a different lens now.  Actively I look to see how and where I might give.  Recently while in Maryland, I saw college kids walking among the cars stopped at traffic lights collecting money to fight cancer.  In the past I would ignore them and  just look straight ahead.  That day I wound down the window and handed them a bill.  Four miles away another pair of students were collecting for the same cause.  It’s my lucky day; I get to give again.  It turns out giving is win/win.  The giver and receiver both are “gifted.”

Seven things I’ve learned about myself in the last 29 days.

  1. I’m one who needs to have giving in my frontal lobe to be sure it happens.  Though I am becoming a more instinctive giver, I still need a daily giving goal to make giving happen.
  2. Except for the road trip from Maine to Virginia with our daughter Molly (Day 25), I found that my gifts were simple ones (e.g., a call, a cup of coffee), not dramatic overtures.
  3. Twice I wrote about the gift of lingering (Days 9 and 28).  Reaching out made my day, too.
  4. My days are fuller and more satisfying since giving helps me make connections; it breaks down our isolation.
  5. I reaffirm that I value sharing experiences over having things.
  6. As I said on Day 25, I think my best gift was really listening.  When listened to, people can feel that they have value; that they matter.
  7.  I don’t want this giving to end with me and my 29 Days.  I want it to touch others, as it did with my friend Ralph (his letter is between Days 19 and 20) who shared this experience with his church family.

Thanks for taking the journey with me.


One thought on “Epilog of 29 Gifts in 29 Days (The takeaway)

  1. Thanks, Dan! It was an inspiring journey you led us on. Your epilog is beautiful and a
    very helpful summary. May giving continue to be our journey, and our journey’s end.

    With love, Ralph

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