Day 27 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 25 “Stopping by”

Sometimes it’s easier just heading for home: check email, watch a little Sports Center, and then complete the trifecta by taking a nap.  After biking to get my flu shot at York Hospital midafternoon, I realize I haven’t given a gift today.  Concerned, I consider the rest of my day, and decide to stop by and see my friend Vin; he’s been in the hospital and has been weary of late.

When I arrive, he and Jim, another of Vin’s readers, are on the front patio deep in conversation, this time about who were all the five star generals in the US Army.  When asked if I know them, I nail MacArthur and Eisenhower but come up empty for the rest).  After a brief conversation, I warmly shake Vin’s hand, give him a quick buongiorno (he’s Italian through and through) and confirm that I’ll be by to read tomorrow.  I then head in to see his wife Jean; she and I talk about life, her upcoming annual family party, and her upcoming trip to Utah.

My gift is stopping by to check in with them and keep our connection strong.   Sports Center can wait.


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