Day 26 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 24 “Who Doesn’t Love Doughnuts?”

I used to operate under the philosophy of scarcity (i.e., concerned about having enough; with a focus on conservation and husbanding of resources for possible hard times) rather than abundance (trusting that by being open and generous, good will follow).

While in Virginia after the road trip with Molly and Owen, I stay at our friend Amelia’s house.  Wanting to thank her tangibly for her kindness in letting me stay at her place, I immediately think of taking her to breakfast before she begins her day as a local school teacher.  There’s just one little problemo (She teaches Spanish); Amelia is up before dawn and out by 615A to go to Mass before school.  Breakfast out is just not really practical.  Later while shopping at the Giant grocery store, I decide to buy strawberries and donuts, sugar, plain, and cinnamon, for her early morning at home breakfast.

Later that day after Molly returns from Owen’s two month baby checkup, I say to her, I’ve got three hours before I leave for Reagan (the national airport within two miles of their apartment).  I’ll watch Owen while you do what you’d like.  She agrees immediately; she first heads for the gym and then later, after feeding him, takes a nap.  As has been so often the case during these 29 Days of 29 Gifts, I get more than I give.


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