Day 22 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 20 “Simple kindnesses”

Starting my fourth week of 29 Days of Giving, I’m learning that the gifts don’t have to be dramatic and earth shaking.  One doesn’t need to feed a starving Somalian child, though that would be a very good thing and, indeed, a four star gift.  But four star gifts come in small packages too.  They can be simple kindnesses.

When Hannah’s brother Doug fretted about the sorry state of the world, especially environmentally, Hannah shared his concern but made her mark by making a difference in the life of one person at a time.   She’d call, set up time together, or write a note showing her interest and compassion.

Today my gift is taking Owen in the early evening and burping him after Molly finishes breast feeding.  With no altruism (please, there’s nothing better than cradling our grandson to my chest, patting him on the back, listening to him gurgle, and watching him bob his head as he checks out his world), I give Molly a short break.

Owen, Dan, and Hannah


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