Day 19 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 17 “First born”

While Hannah takes care of our grandson Owen at our home, Molly and I go off to the local driving range to hit golf balls.  Molly is a gifted athlete, who played three high school sports (soccer, basketball, and track) and a few years back ran the Boston Marathon.  That said, as anyone who plays golf knows, golf is not a sport that those naturally athletic always pick up simply and easily.  It takes practice.  She and I practice together, today at the driving range; tomorrow we’ll play nine holes.

Oh, there is more we have in common.  Molly is a first child as am I. (By the way, Hannah is #5 of 7).  Molly was our pilot program as we learned first hand about parenting.  As parents we grappled with how long to let her cry in her crib before getting her.   We wondered if four was too early to learn to ride a bicycle.  We weighed what was a reasonable curfew when she dated in high school.  As she will find with their son Owen, parents are doing the best they can, especially when as clueless as many of us are dealing with child numero uno.

Today my gift is paying for a couple of buckets of golf balls to hit at Cape Neddick Country Club driving range.  We pause between shots to talk about shots; celebrate good ones, wonder how we can hit others so badly.  Later we chip balls and then have a putting contest for bragging rights.  She hits with a natural, easy swing.  Given time, she will be an excellent golfer.  Time together is our gift to each other.


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