Day 18 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 16 “Letting them pay”

While Hannah is on crutches and can’t drive, Mondays have become my grocery shopping days at Demoula’s Market Basket in Portsmouth, NH.  My Monday routine often is that I’ll change the message board at church (e.g., Fill the Van Sunday for the York Food Pantry), go to Coastal Fitness to work out, then head to Demoula’s.

We have elderly neighbors who can’t always get out.  Today I stop by our neighbors and ask if they need anything at Demoula’s.  Happily for me, they say yes.  Coffee and aspirin would be great.  Their bill comes to a grand total of $5.48.  A mere five bucks and change.  I’d love to just pay for it for them.  And then it becomes clear what my gift will be.  Rather than pay for them, I will let them pay for their two items when I return with their goods.

What?  Yeah, let them pay.  If I pay, I may put them in an awkward position.  And they may never ask me again.  If that happens, we both lose.  I want to keep the giving door open.  Sometimes the gift is letting someone else pay their own way.

One thought on “Day 18 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 16 “Letting them pay”

  1. Yes, yes! So true, Dan. Enabling a person maintain a sense of dignity, rather than let them feel indebted, is a fine gift!

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