Day 17 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 15 “Owen House”

Today’s gift is opening our home to our friends and neighbors so they can meet our grandson Owen, daughter Molly, and her husband Tip on this Saturday afternoon from three to five.  It is not lost on Hannah and me how fortunate we are to have a home at all.  Returning to New England for a visit for the first time since our nearly two month old grandson Owen was born in Virginia, Molly and Tip are gracious and engaging to many people they have never met before.  Owen’s sleeping up to seven hours at night.  Every now and then he reestablishes control and wakes every two hours.

Gatherings are just what we do.  It’s like some are naturally good in math.  Others hit a golf ball sweetly the first time they play.  Others teach so that you would want your own children to have them as teachers.  It’s just how they are hardwired.  Such folks don’t need to be applauded or given trophies for what comes naturally.  They know it’s a “gift” that they then can hone and further develop.  Our secret to throwing gatherings of twenty to thirty is to make them pot luck dinners or bring “an hors d’oeuvre to share.”  There’s always plenty of food.   Such “community” get-togethers don’t overwhelm us with party planning details and people seem to appreciate having a place to meet.

Mi casa es su casa.

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