Day 16 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 14 “Not a rolling stone”

Volunteering at York Hospital has been one of the highlights of my retired life.  I round (i.e., I go around to patient rooms to see how we as a hospital are taking care of them.) and am on two committees dealing with improving patient and family experiences at YH.  Today I was on the YH campus to participate in a mattress comparison.  The hospital is upgrading their mattresses and, as they often do, they value input from community members who are not healthcare or medical professionals.

My gift today is to some unknown driver who doesn’t get a punctured tire.  As I pull up the driveway into the hospital lot, there is a big ole eight inch triangle of a rock that has fallen into the path of oncoming cars from the nearby stone wall.  Steering left, I see it in time to avoid it.  I figure someone more stressed than I might be hurrying to see a loved one at YH and might just roll right over it.

I park my Hyundai Elantra and walk back to place the rock in the stone wall.  As with so many gifts, it is I who gets the joy and happiness by fully participating in the giving life.

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