Day 14 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 12 “Empty seat”

I have no idea where my gift is coming from today, but it won’t be from a lack of opportunities.  First, I’m off to a morning workshop on Sleep for Seniors at the York Senior Center.  Later in the day at York Hospital I round (i.e., I go around to patient rooms to see how we as a hospital are taking care of them.) and then read to my friend Vin.

I am not the best sleeper, but I’m not awful either.  I’m one of those who falls asleep quite easily after reading or working on a crossword puzzle in bed.  Usually I wake once a night but often it’s after five or six hours of sleep.  I’d just like to sleep all the way through the night.  Is that being greedy?

Driving over to the Senior Center in York Beach, I am looking for some magic to help me sleep through the night.  As I enter the 1950s rec room of the 1920s building I spot an empty seat next to one of the only guys among 30+ women.   My gift is to sit down next to him and strike up a conversation with Bob (not his real name).  As with most people, Bob is willing to engage.  I learn of his hip replacement, love for golf and tennis, and not being a great sleeper himself.  I share about Hannah’s broken leg, my interest in golf, and we two are a little less isolated, at least, for a few minutes. Opportunities are there if my eyes and heart are open.


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