Day 13 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 11 “Pizza!’

Who forgets where they were eleven years ago on 9/11?  I was in Willimantic, CT teaching an undergraduate class in language arts for middle school teachers at Eastern Connecticut State University.  What I initially thought was just an accident of a plane, not even a jet, flying into the Twin Towers, obviously was so much more.  Mid-class the dean’s secretary knocks at the classroom door, saying, Dismiss your students as soon as class is over.  I dismiss them immediately, and set out for home 150 miles away as quickly as possible.   While Molly is away at college, my wife Hannah and two of our three kids, Robyn and Will, are still home going to York High School.

Now our daughter Robyn lives in central New York State.  One advantage of living there is the proximity to two of her favorite cousins: Brian, my brother Richard’s kid, and his wife Amy and Robyn’s cousin Corrie, Hannah’s brother Doug’s kid, and hubby Karl.  They each provide her with a home away from home when she wants to get away from apartment living and have a family feel.  This past weekend Robyn spent it at Corrie and Karl’s place.  Today’s gift is to send Corrie and Karl $50 to use when Robyn next visits to have dinner out at Brian’s pizza house, Marvin Mozzeronis, in Brockport.

Hannah and I favor gifts that create experiences for and with others.   We appreciate when her cousins look out for Robyn and give her a soft place to land now and again.


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