Day 12 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – September 10 “A Monday moment gift”

As a teacher, I liked going out to a local diner or coffee shop for breakfast.  As a school teacher in Kittery, Maine, I would go to Howell’s Truck Stop two to three mornings per week before school.  Sometimes with a teaching buddy, sometimes just me, the Boston Globe sports section, and a plateful of home fries swimming in barbecue sauce.  While teaching at Eastern Connecticut State University, I would leave our home in York, Maine at 430A to teach later that day in Connecticut.  After 120 of the 150 miles of the commute, I would reward myself with pancakes, coffee, and the USA Today at Zip’s Diner off I-395 in Dayville, CT.  Later while teaching at the University of New England, I’d breakfast at the Twin Cities Café, the locals’ hangout.

In retirement, I dispense with the breakfast and just go for coffee and a muffin, often at what I affectionately call “the Crumb” in York.  Today with my friend Joe, my gift is to treat him to coffee and a muffin.  I do it today with no thought of balancing the books or hoping we’ll go back and forth treating each other.  It’s just a Monday moment gift.

A bonus gift for this Day 12 is a visit Hannah and I pay to our neighbor who lost his wife less than two weeks ago.  He was the one not home on Day 1 of 29 when I left the beers.  We bring beers, listen, and give him the gift of consoling friendship.


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