Day 10 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days September 8 “Her inheritance”

Our friend Amelia is a school teacher, a Spanish teacher, who takes a college biology class on Saturdays throughout the fall.  Early this Saturday morning, I text her to wish her well in her class.  Mainly it is a text to say Hannah and I are thinking of you.  Her husband, Big Steve, my ASU college roommate died suddenly last year.  Amelia has said that Steve’s friends are her inheritance.  We hope to be worthy of her trust and his.  Living near our daughter Molly, she is the dog sitter for their dog Chessie and local aunt/babysitter for our grandson Owen.  We in turn are long distance aunt and uncle for her boys, Brandon and Justin.  Knowing class ends at 3P, I will call her, too, as my gift for today.

I tell her about Hannah’s good news of being able to touch down when she walks with her crutches.  She lets me know about dissecting a pig and the good that is happening in her life of late.  We just keep current in each other’s lives.

To date my gifts are less about money and more about giving of myself and my time.  For me, I realize I do need to be intentional in this beginning stage of my giving so the giving happens.  Perhaps 29 days is a magical number to develop a giving habit.


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