Day 6 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days September 4 – “Morning Buzz”

One of the joys of my retirement has been golf with our son Will.  We play nine holes at 6A, be it at Amesbury Country Club (MA) or Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club (NH) twice a week during the summer; and he still gets to work on time.  The courses are wide open and yet challenging enough for me to feel lots of success when I bogey a hole (pars are a source of jubilation).  We are usually the first ones on the course and as such can play nine holes in an hour and a half or less.  It’s golf at its best.  No waiting at the tees, great company, only nine holes, and a modest $19 cost for New England.

After breakfast and before Will goes off to work in the athletic department of Merrimack College, we breakfast together.  Today we find a jewel in Amesbury called the Morning Buzz Café.  With booths, some locals, and not so crowded at 8A, we have an attentive and smiling waitress.  Friendly and quick with the coffee, she is just what a diner/café needs to get my four star rating.  I pay the bill, and as is his way, Will leaves a big tip for the young waitress.  For my gift, I wait at the booth after Will leaves for work to talk to the owner how much I enjoyed the pancakes, the waitress, and the “everyone knows your name” feel of her recently opened place.  She beams as if no one has said this before.

Tipping well matters; taking the time to personalize the experience with the owner is priceless for her and for me.


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