Day 5 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days September 3 – “No whining”

With Hannah unable to get around without her crutches, driving is out of the question, especially since she drives a Honda Civic with a standard transmission.  That means I now do the grocery shopping ten miles away in Portsmouth at Demoula’s Market Basket most Mondays.  Bless her heart, Hannah looks through the ads and comes up with a shopping list, which she makes out in the very order in which I will find the items in the store, from the dairy on the left to the vegetables and fruit on the far right.  Today we review the list  and Hannah adds, We could use some Brita water filters at Wal-Mart and I need contact lens solution at Rite-Aid.  Immediately I know I don’t want to go Wal-Mart since it’ll make the morning even longer til I get home for breakfast (I’m working out at Coastal Fitness in Kittery before shopping.) .  I don’t hide my reluctance but do agree to go to Rite Aid for her contact lens solution, which is on my way to Demoula’s.  Wal-Mart is just so much further down the road  (like a whole mile!) on this Labor Day traffic Monday.  (Wah, wah, wah)

After going to the gym, I stop at Rite Aid and learn that they don’t carry her lens solution.  The clerk identifies it as a Wal-Mart brand.  After getting our week’s groceries, I suck it up and act like such a superhero and go to Wal-Mart despite my words to the contrary when I left the house.  This is hardly a gift after all my foot dragging and belly aching.

Heading down Woodbury Avenue, I miss the turn to Wal-Mart and am now heading north on the Spaulding Turnpike over the Great Bay Bridge to Dover, NH and am miles out of my way.  Wanting to blame someone, preferably Hannah, for my screw-up (Double wah, wah, wah), I then gain some peace by realizing what my gift is for today.  I’ll just buy the supplies at Wal-Mart and not mention a word about getting lost and being even later for my precious breakfast.  Once home, with a nod and a smile, we unload the groceries with the water filters and lens solution, and say no more.  Fact is, until she reads this entry on my blog today, she’ll have no idea that I ever got lost that Monday.  It feels kinda cool keeping my big whiny yap shut.


One thought on “Day 5 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days September 3 – “No whining”

  1. Great blog today! If I can get anything for you guys at Wal-mart or Rite Aid in Newington, I go there periodically on my way home!
    And it’s OK to whine once and a while!

    Love, Karen (did you wave to me going over the Dover bridge?)

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