Day 2 of 29 Gifts in 29 Days – August 31st “Simple words”

Hannah and I have a chalkboard for messages in the ping pong room off the garage where people first enter our house.  We put messages on the board of a playful and welcoming nature.  Once we wrote Thanks, you two are van-tastic.  These words were for the couple that lent us their van to drive to Virginia to see our grandson Owen for the first time.  Other times, we wrote a Mi casa es su casa to a Latina friend.

While Hannah is hobbling around on crutches since fracturing here tibia, friends stop by to visit, often with goodies or dinner.  Today’s friend is one of those closer to Hannah than to me; not someone I deal with much, but one I want to welcome to our house.  My gift is my message Welcome, We are glad you are here, which interestingly I find I am once I write the message.  It’s a building block for a foundation of, if not friendship, being more neighborly.

This gift doesn’t cost much but opens my heart.


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