Dan on Ideas and Experiences on Giving $20 Away (Update 1)

In a recent posting (See August 18, 2012 blog.), I wrote about a New York Times article that claimed that happiness comes from spending money on others rather than oneself.  Since then, I have begun to hear from others about their plans for giving money away.

The first two come from teachers who have ideas who want to add generosity and compassion to their curriculum.

I was also intrigued by your recent post about giving away $20 and loved reading what your family did with the money.  I’m considering how to try this out in my life. Wouldn’t it be interesting to adapt it somehow for a classroom?  I’d love to arm my students with something that they can give away during the week at school or at home and then have them share their stories.  A great way to build community!  I’ll let you know if I figure out how best to do this and what the results are.  Molly H, looping first/second grade teacher

Here is my idea for involving my students in the “Spend Twenty Dollars on Someone Else” experiment.  I would write the name of each student in the class on a ticket and on the last Friday of each month, I would randomly select a ticket.  Then, I would present that student with a twenty dollar bill and explain that he or she has to spend that twenty dollars on someone else and then report back to the class the following Friday.   What a life lesson this could turn out to be.  I am excited about this, Dan, and think it will leave a lasting impression about the kids.  I will encourage them to try it on their own and offer time to share with the class what they did, how it affected the person or persons receiving the money, and how it affected them personally.  Thanks for the wonderful idea!   Teresa, middle school science teacher

So teachers of all ilk, this seems like a creative challenge for you.  Do you even have time  to think of such possibilities?

Another friend Ronnie sent this link that connects to this kind of giving.

Brothers Last Wish to Leave $500 Tip Turns Into Nearly $50,000 Charity

This message was included in the email to me.   Dennis read about this last month and was very touched by the story.  We have been talking about wanting to do something similar – but now before we die.  Haven’t yet, but Dan’s blog posting is inspiring us to follow through! Thank you for being the inspirations you are! Love you!

Lastly, I’m reading a book, 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life by Cami Walker, recommended by our minister Marlayna.  It’s intriguing.

Here’s a 4m 30s video from an interview with Cami Walker by Meredith Viera on the Today Show.  http://www.29gifts.org/video/cami-talks-about-29-gifts-on

Each month I’ll update my readers with news about giving that changes lives.  Send your stories to me at danrothermel@gmail.com

Love and peace.   Dan


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